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Currency Pairs Forex

Top 10 Best Currency Pairs to Trade

Top 10 best Currency pairs In trading there isn’t actually a single best currency pair to trade on, a good trader can make money trading any currency pairs given sufficient time and research. If there was such a things as the “best” currency pair to trade on then it would be the currency pair you are most comfortable and familiar with. That being said we realize that you are out here to make sure you optimize your trading plan and get started on the right track as much as possible and bulletproof forex will set you up on the right

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Best 5 Risk Management Strategy

The 6 Fundamental Strategies of Risk Management

6 Fundamental Strategies for Risk mangement 1. Know your Appetite for Risk First things first, know your own appetite for risk, this will help you make better logical decisions when you are doing some real world trading with real money and prevent you from being too reactive to the highs and lows of the market. It will give you more control of your financial situation and overall help you sleep better at night.  2. Control Your Leverage Being able to use leverage in trading is a double edged sword, while it can greatly increase your profits it can just as

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Top 5 tips looking for a broker

Top 7 Traits To Look For in a Broker

Top 7 Traits to Look for in a broker Looking to Trade online and looking for a good broker to get you started? Let us help you out with these basic traits to look for in a good broker. Afterall its only prudent that you do a background check on these brokers before you dive in, invest some cash, do some trading and in the long run do business with them. Here at BulletProofForex we help you out, make sure you’re signed up for the best broker that fits your criteria, and get the best service you deserve so you

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